You’ve seen the Vote No posters. You’ve heard their misleading ‘facts’ and scaremongering.

Now is the time for you to have your say.

The referendum is just over 6 weeks away.

We need to raise at least €500,000 this week to fight for Yes: We've already raised €280,000 - enough to pay for 28,000 posters across Ireland, and now we want to raise more to pay for a national home leaflet drop to homes across Ireland – to get people talking and to make the case for a caring Yes vote everywhere.

“It’s a crucial time to be part of the campaign, and I want to help”
  - Anna, aged 32, Dublin

That means we need as many caring, compassionate voices for change – like Anna’s, like yours – to donate today. Give what you can – every conversation, every poster, and every single euro matters.

Click for Yes: please donate today to help make sure your voice for change is heard on the 25th of May.

NOTE: We are raising €500,000 to continue to put posters across the country, and to fund additional advertising and promotional materials in other key outlets for a positive outcome on the 25th May. If we raise more than is needed for posters your donations will go towards other ways to fight for a 'Yes' vote

--- UPDATE:  April 11th, 14.45pm ---

We have raised €350,000 from an incredible 9,355 supporters. We can't stop now! For the final ask in this crowdfund, will you help us raise €500,000 to get the caring and compassionate Yes message into houses across Ireland, with a booklet answering the most common questions people have.

This is our chance to give this campaign everything we've got an remove the Eighth Amendment from the constitution.

--- UPDATE:  April 10th, 9pm ---

We have raised an incredible €250,000 from 6,800 supporters in just over 12 hours! We know that there is huge demand for YES posters up and down the country so we are increasing our goal so that we can cover the country posters in as many as we can. Let's have our voices heard and secure a YES vote on May 25th!

We've got just over 6 weeks to get this over the line, this is a once in a generation opportunity so let's give it everything we've got.

--- UPDATE:  April 10th, 3pm ---

We have been blown away by the support for our national poster campaign. 3,917 people have donated since 8.30am this morning! There is huge support for change and we need to have our voices heard!

We want to get posters up all over the country - if we raise €250,000, we can get 25,000 up and down the country!

--- UPDATE:  April 10th, 1pm ---

THANK YOU to our amazing supporters. We are on our way to a national poster campaign. This morning, 2,458 people donated to our crowdfunding campaign, raising a total of €100,000 in four hours. 

We have increased our goal to €150,000 so that we can put up 15,000 posters across Ireland. We have just over 6 weeks to go until the referendum and secure a YES vote.

--- UPDATE:  April 10th, 11am ---

We are completely overwhelmed by the support - we received 1,051 donations in less than three hours and raised €50,000. We’ve had donations from across the country, from people who want to see a more caring and compassionate Ireland.

With just over six weeks to go to the referendum, the anti-reform forces are ramping up. We need to have our voices heard and fight for a more caring and compassionate Ireland. This is a once in a generation opportunity for change.

We are increasing our goal to €100,000 so that we can put up 10,000 posters across Ireland.

Every conversation, every poster, and every single euro matters.

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